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2017 Tax Filing Season Update (PW2020)
Course Format: Online  Test Format: Online
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Field of Study(s): Taxation - Webinar

2017 Tax Filing Season Update

2017 Tax Filing Season Update




Course Description:


Each year, income tax return preparation is affected by inflation-related changes to various limits and new tax laws. This course will look at those changes and new laws.    

The 2017 Annual Tax Season Update course is based on the 2017 Annual Federal Tax Refresher course and is designed to provide valuable information to persons preparing individual 1040 income tax returns reflecting clients’ 2016 income.  It does not, however, satisfy the Internal Revenue Service’s voluntary annual filing season program.

The course a) examines new tax law and changes in various limits that reflect inflation, b) provides a general tax review, and c) discusses important rules governing tax return preparer ethics, practices and procedures.


Learning Objectives:


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

·         Apply the inflation-adjusted and other limits to the proper preparation of taxpayers’ income tax returns;

·         Calculate taxpayers’ additional tax liability resulting from the Medicare tax, net investment income tax and individual shared responsibility payment;

·         Recognize the federal income tax filing statuses and the criteria for their use;

·         Identify the types of income that must be recognized;

·         Apply the tax rules to the various credits and adjustments to income available to taxpayers;

·         Recognize the penalties that may be imposed on a preparer for failing to meet ethical and practice standards in preparing tax returns; and

·         Identify the duties and restrictions imposed on tax preparers under Circular 230.



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Paul Winn

Publication Date:

June 8, 2016


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